Q: Where are you located?

A: THREEFOLD is located at 13339 Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio.

Q: When are you open?

A: Our hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm. We may stay open later sometimes and will try announce when on social media. If the lights are on and the door is unlocked, c'mon in!

Q: What do you sell?

A: We carry a wide variety of greeting cards, bath & body items, enamel pins, ceramics, jewelry, handbags, books, zines, toys and several other products for your life and your home. What ties all of these product lines together is that every product in our store is lovingly designed and made by extraordinary people who have decided to make their craft their livelihood. 

Q: Who are you?

A: We are Laura Drapac and Dave Koen. Partners in crime since 2009, we met in Cleveland, moved to Texas, then moved back to Cleveland to settle down. We have spent most of our time together working with and supporting local artists while also making our own products and artwork.

Q:Are you a pop-up shop?

A: We are a fully fledged brick-and-mortar shop and are open 12 months out of the year. Please visit!

Q: You posted something on social media and I must have it! What can I do?

A: Shoot us an email and we'll make sure you get what you need! If you're not in the area, include you shipping address so we can get your an accurate shipping estimate. If you are in north east Ohio, we'll happily hold your item for in store pick-up.

Q: Will you carry my products?

A: Maybe! We've set up a submission form for this exact purpose. During store hours, customers are our number one priority and we will not accept in-store submissions. Also, please keep in mind that we are a curated store with very limited space and, while we would love to give every small business some of it, we can only accept a limited number of vendors. 

Q: What's up with all of those machines in the back?

A: Aside from an awesome handmade store, THREEFOLD is also home to Triple Threat Press, a letterpress and graphic design company started by Dave & Laura in 2012.

Q: I'm coming to visit your store. What else is there to do close by?

A: Lots of stuff! We strongly encourage you to visit some of our great neighbors...

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