Gift Guide: For the Bookworm

The uncountable places that a reader will travel in their mind thanks to the books that they read is enviable… but why shouldn't their own waking life be as beautiful and intriguing as those they experience when they steal away to the pages of fact or fiction? Surround your own bookworm with gifts that even the most well-to-do of Austen’s famed ladies would make eyes at with our carefully curated gift guide below.


Is you library more of a den, and by “den” we mean “bar”? Adorn the walls of whatever room you read in with Sorry Studio’s Cocktails of the Literate screen print. A toast to the great literary minds of the past century, this 12” x 18” four-color artwork is part of a limited edition run of prints. To literacy and libations!

Folktales and Legends.jpg

Belt Publishing’s illustrated, large-print book, “Folktales and Legends of the Middle West” by Edward McClelland is a series of eloquently-phrased stories for campfires. Enjoy reading aloud with family in the orange cast of logs burning in the fireplace. The large type size is perfect for all ages and reading abilities!


Liz Sabo microsuede throw pillows make reading nooks cute and cozy. The super soft cloth is screenprinted with a variety of playful prints, creating an ideal atmosphere for indulging yourself in a good book. We recommend investing in a matching set… that way you can read with a friend!


Show us your favorite classic and we’ll show you the corresponding “Well Read” book spine letterpress print by Letterpress Jess. English majors rejoice: there are five prints in the series, including titles by Dumas, Vonnegut, Bronte, Orwell, and Shelley… just to name few of our favorites.


What goes better with a day of reading than a hot cup of tea? How about a candle of a similar persuasion? Sweet Dish & darling’s Earl Grey soy wax candle is the perfect candle for turning a stressful day into a relaxing dream. A prelude of charred grapefruit and lemon notes lures you in, while secondary notes of bergamot and black tea round out the end. Our favorite part is the wood wick, which crackles like a tiny campfire. Pick from a 6 oz or 16 oz amber jar container.

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Restocks for the Holidays

Great news: fan favorites are back in-stock just in time for gift giving and holiday hangouts. Celebrate with handmade housewares, jewelry, self care, and stationery… all wrapped-up in beautiful complimentary gift wrap, courtesy of your friends at Threefold Gifts. Get a load of what’s in-store for your shopping pleasure in our restocks blog below!


If not now, then when? That’s the question you should be asking yourself about investing in some Prather Team record ledges & album stands. They’re just the best thing for your upcoming holiday parties. Imagine spinning your favorite holiday LPs, all the while their album covers sit on display in a “now playing” situation above the turntable. Everyone’s dancing, having great time… and nobody has to shout “WHAT ALBUM IS THIS?!” at the top of their lungs, ruining the mood. Yeah, that’s a cool thought. Make it a reality.


UJ Design Studios’ brass sun earrings bring a bit of warmth to our December days. Hammered brass medallions on silver ear wires are handmade by husband and wife duo James and Umut Thurman in Denton, Texas… the land of sunshine and bluebonnets.


Combat a bit of that SAD with silly… Letterpress Jess animal-themed movie classics cards quote the best of Hollywood and turn them on their head. It you like puns, you’ll love these cards. Also… WHO DOESN’T LOVE PUNS?!


Find comfort for chapped skin, fragile follicles, and bruised egos with Venus in Aquarius Apothica’s zodiac oils, salt soaks, and well-being balms. Prepared with intention in Lakewood, Ohio, creator Samantha Phillips examines human needs on and below the surface. The results are considerate soothing agents made with reason and wellness in-mind.


Bring life back into your living spaces this winter when you bring Savvie Studio air plant holders home with you. Marbled magnetic holders are great for tight spaces–like galley kitchen and offices–whereas knotted rope air plant hangers look great hanging just about anywhere with a little bit of light.

Visit the shop some time!

Holiday hours:
Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–6pm
Sundays through Christmas 2018, 12pm–4pm
Closed Mondays

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Fresh Stock for Stuffing Stockings: New Merchandise!

New goods from professional makers are arriving every day! Get a glimpse at fresh arrivals, just in time to top your holiday gift lists!

Fall leaves change colors and sometimes products follow suit! Enjoy this autumnal color pallet from Rachel Elise now available on restocked bags, wristlets, pencil pouches and coin purses!


We’re so lucky to stock a selection of Liza Michelle Jewelry crater collection necklaces featuring turquoise pendants. Each unique piece highlights a gorgeous stone and cast silver charm or setting… but the sleeper feature here is the adjustable length chain!


New iridescent silver-on-black star sign pocket notebooks from Triple Threat Press are on the shelves 💫 These sturdy, limited edition letterpress-printed cahiers fit perfectly in a lapel or the back pocket of your comfiest jeans. Lined interiors make them ideal for day-to-day to-do lists, or maybe a few of the more creative thoughts bouncing around your head. Threefold is lucky enough to be the only shop to stock this design ANYWHERE until December 8... but only if there are are any left to stock elsewhere!


Mirror minis in the shop! Officially launching on Small Business Saturday, Deanna of Cleveland Street Glass brought by a few pieces from her new collection to sell for Threefold shoppers. These auto glass pendants have a mirrored backing that really makes the aqua glass color POP! These four are in-stock now, but each piece is one-of-a-kind. Don’t wait to take it home if you really love it.


Twelve months of Van Life! Each 5” x 7” sized month in this desk calendar by Between The Evergreens features a unique watercolor and ink van life design to feed your wanderlust all year long!


Cedar soap decks from Prather Team have arrived! These untreated wood platforms elevate soaps from bath and shower ledge puddles that would cause gross growth... and to top it off, the untreated cedar is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus! We’ve found that these decks are the perfect size for Barr’s Bars half bars of soap. IMO, this pair would make a really great gift for most of the guys on your gifting list... just sayin!

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New Vendors This November

We’re wildly excited to share news that we’re growing the Threefold Gifts family of makers! This November Elizabeth Lang of Between The Evergreens joined the shoop, and we can't wait for you to meet her. Before you shop their wares, learn a bit about the people behind the goods.

Between The Evergreens

Between The Evergreens

Atlanta, GA

Artist Elizabeth Lang creates abstract landscape paintings using watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints on canvas and paper. Her paintings are composed of abstract shapes and colors inspired by nature as I see it.It is her belief that nature brings health and wellbeing to our lives and is a necessary wildness in an often chaotic world. Elizabeth began her business “Between the Evergreens” with the John Muir quote, “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” This quote embodies the peace, spirituality, and clarity she finds in nature and hopes to convey in her work.

Q: How do I become a maker at Threefold Gifts?
A: Apply online!

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Did Someone Say "Coffee"?

Get cozy with some coffee-themed goodies while we weather the weather together! We’ve put together a sneak peek of the merchandise that will probably perk you up… all of which is now in-stock at Threefold Gifts!

“OMG. I need that right now!”
Good news… we’ve got it all in-store. Get it before it’s gone

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New Vendors this October

This October we were lucky enough to add four new folks to our shop… We're so excited to be growing our family of makers, and we can't wait for you to meet them. Before you shop their wares, learn a bit about the people behind the goods.


Pattern Play Glass

Cleveland, OH

Pattern Play Glass is the studio & shop of S. Jordan Fine. Using glass as the primary medium, her body of work is composed of visual patterns and juxtapositions—repetitive shapes, images, color relationships, size, texture—both organized and organic. It is her goal to create experiences and objects for people, viewers and wearers alike, that will grant them a tangible moment of playfulness, artfulness, and genuine joy.



Cleveland, OH

SWdsgns is an apparel and home decor brand that specializes in hand embroidery. From graphic t-shirts to wall hoops with sassy sayings, SWdsgns work is simple but bold and always hand embroidered. Samantha started SWdsgns in 2017 selling hoops and t-shirts and has now expanded into sweatshirts, hats, and more. She has participated in flea markets, art shows, and taught workshops.

Q: How do I become a maker at Threefold Gifts?
A: Apply online!

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Trick or Treat Yourself This Halloween

When the weather cools down and the leaves turn red we get a spooky sort of vibe coursing through us. Maybe the moon has something to do with it… or maybe it’s the insatiable craving for teeny, tiny candy bars that’s driving us–one thing is for certain: we love Halloween. Apparently our makers do, too! Sink your teeth into these delicious goods made for the most spirited of us… all in-stock at Threefold Gifts!


Screenprint by Sorry Studio


Earrings by Odyssey & Oddities Jewelry


Pin by Shawna Smyth Studio


Print by Morie Clark


Highlighter by Glam & Grace


Pillow cover by DittoHouse


Moon ornaments by Gina DeSantis Ceramics


Cast bronze necklace by Liza Michelle Jewelry


Plushie by Cool Critters

Shop our Fall hours:
Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

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New Vendors this September

This September we were lucky enough to add four new folks to our shop… We're so excited to be growing our family of makers, and we can't wait for you to meet them. Before you shop their wares, learn a bit about the people behind the goods.


Tiny Cloud Ceramics

Akron, OH

Tiny Cloud Ceramics are one of a kind kitschy-cute functional wares. Mary was born and raised in Akron, getting her BFA in Ceramics in 2016 from UA. She’s very influenced by the kawaii movement in Japan, sometimes juxtaposing rude phrases with the sweet designs and script lettering. Her hyper-cute pieces fit a unique aesthetic of kawaii style mixed with 50's-esque surface design that is both fun and functional. She won “Best Coffee Mugs” for Cleveland Magazine's 2016 Best in Cleveland issue. All work is hand thrown and sgraffitoed in her Akron studio.


Sweet Dish & Darling

Cleveland, OH

We started this little venture as a way to explore the creative and scientific art of candlemaking. We set our sights on finding a better burning candle with the hope of expressing ourselves through custom blended artisnal fragrances and handmade packaging. Over the years, our palate for scents has matured and we've grown into new sophisticated blends of tobacco leaf and leather, or notes of teak, ginger and cedar. With the continued support of our fans and growing popularity we've been able to upgrade fragrances with essential oils and now use a blend of these and the highest quality fragrances to make amazing scents that make will make you grin and roll your eyes to the side in contained joy.


Morie Clark

Akron, OH

Memento Cat Studios is the works of illustrator Morie Clark! A self-described painter of the “creepy-cute”, her art has a youthful energy, born from a healthy appreciation for the surreal and pop-art. Experienced in helping others create merchandise, she enjoys sharing her works with others in an accessible and affordable manner, including prints, stickers, magnets, apparel, pins, and stationery items.


Lees’ Bees

Cleveland, OH

Local honey for local honeys, Lees’ Bees hives are located in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. Enjoy the sweet taste of honey harvested in your neck of the woods by Chris Lees and Jordan Perme.

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Late Summer Restocks!

Every time you visit Threefold we know that you'll find something new to love... that's probably because our makers are consistently restocking us with new and exciting merchandise. We're home to over 700 amazing gifts... come shop for yourself some time!


We can see Halloween in the distance and we can’t wait to get spooky with some Odyssey & Oddities statement pieces–including crescent crystal earrings in brass and silver-plated and their brass hands-on choker.


It’s finally cooling down just enough to enjoy a soak in the bath again. Rest easier at night with a handful of Venus In Aquarius Apothecary’s Aura Cleanse organic salt bath soak. Grapeseed oil and essential oils of rosemary, cedar wood, eucalyptus, juniper, palo santo, and sage perfume the air while Atlantic sea salt, Himalayan salt, and Hawaiian Hiwa Kai salt relax the body.


Soothing Sloth Soap Co. refreshes their soap lineup at Threefold with two new bars! Crafted with a blend of pureed aloe gel and cocoa butter, Relax! aloe vera soap provides lots of skin loving lather. An herbal combination of cedarwood and lavender essential oils give this bar of soap the perfect balance of floral and earthy scents. The super pretty bar of Petty Lane soap produces a rich lather with scents of rosehip and jasmine. The crimson swirls are topped with dried rose petals for an extra bougie touch.

Soap is all fine and dandy, but if you’re looking for a more abasing showering experience, try a foaming salt scrub! Soothing Sloth has us stocked with Thirst Trap scrub, which is a dead sea salt scrub packed with a sweet and floral combination of orchid and cactus blossoms, as well as avocado butter for smooth and moisturized skin post-exfoliation.


Attention!!! A HAREMUS IS ON THE LOOSE! Wh-why are you just standing there?! Didn’t you hear what we said? Haremus are restocked at Threefold… actually, we’ve got a whole new menagerie of Horrible Adorables in-stock! Each creature is one-of-a-kind, so it’s best not to wait on these things. You’ll never find another one like ‘em!

Shop 45+ handmade professional makers at THREEFOLD Gifts every Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–6pm.

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In The Fold: An Interview with Lora DiFranco of Free Period Press
Lora Headshot.jpg

Whether you know Free Period Press for their earnest prints, supportive scheduling tools, or flipping' adorable stickers... you probably already love them. What's not to enjoy? Personally we most admire the way they bring fun back to life beyond the screen–we're talking IRL activities here. "Double tap to like" is barely a memory when we're spending quality time coloring our dream donut in Free Period Press' "Distractables" coloring book.  We'll attribute our happiness to their head idea-maker, Lora DiFranco. She and her community of super designers are ahead of their time by leaving the modern world in the dust. Brainstorming ways for the adults of the world to feel more fulfilled in their free time is literally Lora's job. We're just lucky that she's great at what she does! Learn how Lora is creating creative escapes for us all in our interview with her below.

How did you decide what to name your business?
The name “Free Period Press” comes from the free periods you get when you’re in school-- those times when you can choose whatever you’d like to do. We want to create more space for adulthood free periods-- and make them as fulfilling as possible.

What caused you to start making your products?
We started by making coloring books for adults. This was before the crazy coloring book craze, but I was looking for an easy way to feel creative after my day job. 

Who's on your our creative team?
I handle the business side and come up with product ideas. I’m not a designer, so I then collaborate with a bunch of amazing Cleveland artists to bring the products to life. Katie Daugherty is my most frequent collaborator, but I’ve also worked with Trish DiFranco, Vanessa Port, Amber Esner, Bree Lundberg, and Agnes Studio. My wife helps with packing orders and some of the more logistical things.

Where do you create your work? What is that space like?
I have a home-office where I fill orders, but since we’re a collaborative team, much of our work is developed at coffee shops around town or around my kitchen table!

Inventory Shelf.jpg

How often do you find yourself in the studio?
Since Free Period is my side-hustle, I try to batch my work into focused chunks. I’ll spend a few mornings per week in my office, plus 1-2 evenings per week.

What is your favorite way to creatively warm-up?
Getting inspiration for new products is my favorite part of the creative process, so I love going to new places for inspiration-- taking the time out to read a magazine, go to the art museum, or read design blogs.

What do you like to listen to while you’re working?
I have trouble listening to music with words when I’m working, so I’ll listen to this alpha waves youtube video, or this French jazz guitar band if I need more energy. 

Share a little about your average day of work
I usually pack orders and answer emails before work in the morning. About once per month, I’ll have a check in with designers to work on developing new products. On the weekend, I’ll usually spend a day in coffee shops reaching out to potential stockists and catching up on other businessy things.

Do you have a favorite tool or technique that you love/can't do without?
Honestly, I use our Schedule Magic to-do list notebook every day to keep me focused on what needs to get done!

Schedule Magic.jpg

Which part of your process do you get the most satisfaction from?
It’s a pretty incredible feeling to be at a craft show and see a customer get SO excited to discover one of our products.

Can you tell us a little about the making of your products?
I often let my new product ideas marinate and evolve for year or more before I act on them. Once I’m committed to making a new product, I’ll reach out to a designer and kickoff the project with them. We partner with local printers for manufacturing. It feels great to do everything in Cleveland!

Sticker Inventory.jpg

What motivates you to do what you do?
We live in a very distracted world, so I want to create products the help people take a step back and focus on what’s really important to them. 

Which season is the most difficult for you, sales-wise? When is your busiest? How do you handle those highs and lows?
The holidays are definitely bonkers, and summer tends to be pretty low key. Now that I know that cadence, I don’t stress out about the slow summers. Instead, I use it as a time to recharge and focus on other areas of my life.

If you could outsource any part of your current process, what task would that be and why?
Social media! I get too in my own head about posting online, so I don’t post as often as I should.

What is something that you wish people knew about you/ your business/ your products?
I love making things that I wish already existed in the world-- that’s my whole reason for starting Free Period.

Come Over All the Time.jpg


How do you see your work or processes changing in the near future? 
I see us staying close to our core of creating tools for productivity and creativity, but we are going to start hosting more in-person activities to grow our community. I’m really excited about carving out time to focus on what’s important in real life.

Let’s say that you find some spare time in your schedule… what do you like to do when you aren’t working?
I love getting outside for a hike and reading fiction. Both of those activities help me change my perception of my day-to-day life.

Who has had the greatest impression on you as an entrepreneur?
I’m a huge fan of Jason Fried, who started a company called Basecamp. He has a lot of good advice that goes against the status quo of startup culture and instead focuses on how to build a business that is sustainable and not crazy-making.

Self Care Zine.jpg

Are there any specific makers or creators in general who you think our readers should be paying attention to? What do those people mean to you?
I’m always inspired by Miranda July and Janelle Monae. Locally, we have so many talented makers, but I recently met Molly Fitzpatrick of Ditto House and she is the friendliest person ever and I LOVE her designs!

What is your favorite thing about running your own business? 
I really enjoy having a creative vision and working with amazing people to make it a real thing that exists in the world.

What advice would you give to future makers of all ages?
To just get out there and start. You’ll make so many mistakes as you go, but reading all of the blogs and books in the world won’t teach you as much as your first craft show/workshop/tradeshow. Also, read "Profit First" to get the money part of your business in order.

Shop a selection of Free Period Press merch at THREEFOLD Gifts, where you can find goods from 45 national professional makers!
Visit us every Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm at 13339 Madison Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio.


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