Threefold Got a Record Section Vol. 1


Long before Threefold Gifts opened, and before Triple Threat Press was even a thought, one of the first businesses that we talked about was opening a record store. While walking around the downtown square in Denton, Texas, we saw a little 600 sq ft store front for rent and talked about how great it would be to open a record store in that spot. We shared our ideas until we got to the other side of the Square and noticed that Mad World Records (a store that Dave would eventually work at for six years) was starting to take shape.

Music is a big part of our, and our maker’s, workflows, either as background noise or motivation. Because of that we’ve decided to make some of our favorite albums available at Threefold Gifts! While browsing the record section at Threefold, you’ll find everything from classic rock and soul to the newest indie and punk bands. We’re also excited to be able to carry records by some of our talented friends, helping bring their music to new audiences.

We’ve made a Spotify playlist full of bands that you’ll find at Threefold. Give it a listen! But, we don’t claim to be the be-all-end-all when it comes to music curation, and we’d love to hear what records you’re looking for. Let us know in the comments!