New Season, New Gifts!

Summer is here. Do you know how we know? Aside from our handy wall calendar, we can tell that the season has changed because all of our makers are debuting their seasonal summer merchandise! Filter through the shop before you stop at the lake for a swim. We know that you’ll find something sweet that you didn’t even know existed until now!


Started by best friends Caroline and Ally, Oh So Graceful has evolved from a place to house creative projects into a business where color, fun, and friendship are the guiding principals.
You can now bring some of that fun and color home to hang on your walls... because Threefold Gifts now stocks select 8x10 and 5x7 prints by the duo!


It’s summer, so naturally it’s time for camping! Enter the Marshmallow & Sassafras scented soy wax candle from Sweet Dish & Darling. Marshmallow & Sassafras a is warm, sweet toasted suger and root beer scent diffused through your space via a crackling wood wick. Open your windows, turn the lights off, and fill your home with the scent of toasted marshmallows, sassafras root, birch beer, and warm vanilla. Perfect for cool nights by a cozy campfire. This fragrance is currently stocked in limited quantities at Threefold Gifts… choose from a large 16 oz amber jar or medium 6 oz amber jar., then light it up and listen to the crickets chirp.


We present you with the sweetest honey bee ring, hand-carved in wax by The Circle Craft, cast in yellow bronze, and now available for you to take home from Threefold Gifts. Choose from the small worker bee or large queen bee.


Free Period Press wants us to take a literal hike! Threefold Gifts now carries their Cleveland Metroparks Challenge map and mini-guidebook, designed to get you out of the house and enjoying one of north east Ohio’s greatest resources. Leave the phone at home… trust us, it’s better that way.


Art Guards, the latest album by Texas indie pop band Fishboy, is a record that features nine lyrically interconnected songs about artists making stuff… with varying results. Songs include tales about a soon to be Baseball Hall-of-Famer ruined by his hatred of the wave, a fast food critic trapped in his day job, an aspiring lighting technician and her father–a former performance artist, and a relationship between a fake doctor(real actor) and a fake nurse(real writer)… all of whom meet in the album’s final track. Though the synopsis may sound a bit over complicated, at their heart the songs attempt to tackle the awkwardness and purpose behind why we create.

“Oh man, I really want that!”
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