Gift Guide: Housewarming Gifts for First-Time Homeowners

Buying a house is a huge deal. It's one of the largest purchases that a person can make, so surely you can shell-out a few bucks when your friends invite you over to see their new place! But don't sweat it... gifting doesn't have to be hard or expensive because we've made few gift recommendations for all types of budgets. We'll even  gift wrap your purchase if you ask really nicely.


After all of the paperwork–so, SO much paperwork–is said and done, they give you the keys to your house... but wouldn't it be so much more gratifying if those keys came attached to a "Dream House" keychain by Valley Cruise Press?


They say that a house isn't a home without a dog. Who's "they"? We never quite figured that out... but if it's true, your new homeowners are gonna need this "Bulldog" print by Landry Print Co. 


What's missing from every new home? Food. The cupboards are bare, so let's go shopping! Make your list with the "Groceries + Things" notepad by Allie Biddle. It even has a magnet attached to the back for easy front-of-fridge storage.


Keeping plants at home is scientifically proven to improve your quality of life! Not only do plants produce oxygen and purify the air in your space, but people who care for plants are more likely to also show care for others. Give the gift of a happy, healthy space with an air plant and matching plant hanger by Savvie Studio.


A house becomes more home-y when you can cuddle on the couch with a great quilt. The "Rise" throw by DittoHouse. is a high-quality, USA-knit blanket made with 80% recycled cotton fiber, so it'll make your heart happy, too! Find a place for it on the back of your couch, in your favorite reading chair, or covering the top of your bed.


What says "welcome" better than a vase full of wildflowers? Pick a few blooms for your favorite first-time homeowners, then plant them in a large "Geo" vase by Lauren H-B Studio.

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