Late Summer Restocks!

Every time you visit Threefold we know that you'll find something new to love... that's probably because our makers are consistently restocking us with new and exciting merchandise. We're home to over 700 amazing gifts... come shop for yourself some time!


We can see Halloween in the distance and we can’t wait to get spooky with some Odyssey & Oddities statement pieces–including crescent crystal earrings in brass and silver-plated and their brass hands-on choker.


It’s finally cooling down just enough to enjoy a soak in the bath again. Rest easier at night with a handful of Venus In Aquarius Apothecary’s Aura Cleanse organic salt bath soak. Grapeseed oil and essential oils of rosemary, cedar wood, eucalyptus, juniper, palo santo, and sage perfume the air while Atlantic sea salt, Himalayan salt, and Hawaiian Hiwa Kai salt relax the body.


Soothing Sloth Soap Co. refreshes their soap lineup at Threefold with two new bars! Crafted with a blend of pureed aloe gel and cocoa butter, Relax! aloe vera soap provides lots of skin loving lather. An herbal combination of cedarwood and lavender essential oils give this bar of soap the perfect balance of floral and earthy scents. The super pretty bar of Petty Lane soap produces a rich lather with scents of rosehip and jasmine. The crimson swirls are topped with dried rose petals for an extra bougie touch.

Soap is all fine and dandy, but if you’re looking for a more abasing showering experience, try a foaming salt scrub! Soothing Sloth has us stocked with Thirst Trap scrub, which is a dead sea salt scrub packed with a sweet and floral combination of orchid and cactus blossoms, as well as avocado butter for smooth and moisturized skin post-exfoliation.


Attention!!! A HAREMUS IS ON THE LOOSE! Wh-why are you just standing there?! Didn’t you hear what we said? Haremus are restocked at Threefold… actually, we’ve got a whole new menagerie of Horrible Adorables in-stock! Each creature is one-of-a-kind, so it’s best not to wait on these things. You’ll never find another one like ‘em!

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