Gift Guide: Father’s Day Presents

Let's talk about that guy over there... yeah, him. Dad. He's there for you 365/24/7, but on Sunday, Jun 17–Father's Day–he'll be the star of the show. Now let's talk about gifts... and how Dad likes gifts. So, if we do some simple math we come to the conclusion that Dad should probably get a gift on Father's Day. Why don't you be the one who gives it?

Gifts for The Active Dad


Dad and his bike are inseparable... but on the off chance that you two decide to lock-up the Schwinn and opt for a walk through the park instead, this “Share the World” tee by Landry Print Co. can help continue to spread the message of two-tire traveling.


While leather wallets are standard, we find the Tri Fold wallet from Forest City Portage to be a great animal and earth-friendly alternative! Made with durable, repurposed materials like sailcloth, these things are practically bulletproof.

Presents for The Bookworm


It's nearly noon, so what's for lunch? Beef on weck, garbage plates, city chicken, goetta? Maybe some bakery or a cookie table to top it off. You look confused... not from round these parts, are ya? Brush up on your midwestern lingo with your very own copy of  How To Speak Midwestern from Belt Publishing.


Dad's really smart. He has all these A+ ideas, but sometimes he–like the best of us–gets a touch forgetful. Encourage Dad's brainstorming with a “Really Frickin Good Ideas” notebook by Triple Threat Press. It fits perfectly in a shirt or jeans pocket, so he'll never forget to take it with him.

A Little Something for The Barmaster


 The Dude wasn't a dad, but every dad really seems to want to be The Dude. Take him one step closer to realizing his dream of hanging with Walter and Donny with this “White Russian” Happiest Hour Print by Boundary & Thorn... it really ties the room together.


Just as Mommy Dearest lost her marbles over wire hangers, something tells us that Dad wouldn't bee very keen to find water rings on his hard wood surfaces. Save us all the grief and get him a set of marbled wood coasters from Savvie Studio for the bar top... and maybe some Murphy's Oil Soap, too?



Think back to a prior era, when Don Drapers and Gloria Steinams walked down the street... when conversation pits were all the rage and everyone was burning their mouths on fondue. The Essential Barware print by Sorry Studio would have fit right in. Gift dad one of his own, and garnish with a 2nd Shift Design Co. hanger frame for added finesse.

Goods For The Father with the Finer Things

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.52.07 AM.png

Whether your dad prefers the half windsor, four-in-hand, or the pratt knot... the one thing we can all agree on is that nobody appreciates getting beat up by their necktie. Windy weather or clear skies, a silver tie bar from Tiny Erica Jewelry will solve any issues of wardrobe misconduct.


Fledgeling record collectors and professionals alike feel a bit weak in the knees when they catch a glimpse of the Minimal Record Rack by Prather Team. The portable tabletop rack is a must-have for any listening party or brunch DJing set. 


Nicknamed "The boyfriend candle", the Black Process Collection Soy Candle from Triple Threat Press is scented with sweet, spicy, and smoky notes of tobacco and burnt clove. As an added bonus, the wood wick crackles lightly, like a tiny campfire for the indoors... which means that you get to skip the bug spray.

You can find all of the above gifts–plus goods from 45 national vendors–at Threefold Gifts. Visit us at 13339 Madison Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm