Gift Guide: Our favorite greeting cards for newlyweds

Picking out a card can suck, especially when that card is for a huge life event... like a wedding. The couple is hosting this huge, expensive party. The least you can do is throw down some cash for a funny note or sappy saying. I mean, you like these people, right? RIGHT.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite cards from THREEFOLD vendors to help move this process along. Now, what are you wearing?

Weddings are the beginning of a couple's life together as equals... One for all and all for one–or something like that. Echo the sentiment with this lovely card by Shawna Smyth. We're not crying... you're crying!

Love makes us all see fireworks. Celebrate their special day with this explosively illustrated card by Letterpress Jess... but maybe spare them the literal cherry bombs and screamers.

The perfectionist bride or groom would so dig this “Nailed It” Card by Shawna Smyth.

If you’re like us, you love a good dad joke. This “I’m so jelly” card by Valley Cruise Press definitely fits the bill for those of us with a more “paternal” edge to our sense of humor. 

All of the goods at THREEFOLD are handmade, but this embroidered card by Allie Biddle takes caring about craftsmanship to the next level.

Is the happy couple a pair of friends from college? Then we’re going to take a leap of faith here and assume this toasting congratulatory card by Triple Threat Press mimics some of those university years habits. We hear this pairs well with a bottle of whiskey. 

Goods from these folks–and 45 national vendors– can be found at THREEFOLD Gifts every Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Laura DrapacComment