Fresh Stock for Stuffing Stockings: New Merchandise!

New goods from professional makers are arriving every day! Get a glimpse at fresh arrivals, just in time to top your holiday gift lists!

Fall leaves change colors and sometimes products follow suit! Enjoy this autumnal color pallet from Rachel Elise now available on restocked bags, wristlets, pencil pouches and coin purses!


We’re so lucky to stock a selection of Liza Michelle Jewelry crater collection necklaces featuring turquoise pendants. Each unique piece highlights a gorgeous stone and cast silver charm or setting… but the sleeper feature here is the adjustable length chain!


New iridescent silver-on-black star sign pocket notebooks from Triple Threat Press are on the shelves 💫 These sturdy, limited edition letterpress-printed cahiers fit perfectly in a lapel or the back pocket of your comfiest jeans. Lined interiors make them ideal for day-to-day to-do lists, or maybe a few of the more creative thoughts bouncing around your head. Threefold is lucky enough to be the only shop to stock this design ANYWHERE until December 8... but only if there are are any left to stock elsewhere!


Mirror minis in the shop! Officially launching on Small Business Saturday, Deanna of Cleveland Street Glass brought by a few pieces from her new collection to sell for Threefold shoppers. These auto glass pendants have a mirrored backing that really makes the aqua glass color POP! These four are in-stock now, but each piece is one-of-a-kind. Don’t wait to take it home if you really love it.


Twelve months of Van Life! Each 5” x 7” sized month in this desk calendar by Between The Evergreens features a unique watercolor and ink van life design to feed your wanderlust all year long!


Cedar soap decks from Prather Team have arrived! These untreated wood platforms elevate soaps from bath and shower ledge puddles that would cause gross growth... and to top it off, the untreated cedar is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungus! We’ve found that these decks are the perfect size for Barr’s Bars half bars of soap. IMO, this pair would make a really great gift for most of the guys on your gifting list... just sayin!

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