Gift Guide: For the Entertainer

If you haven’t figured it out by now, there are two steadfast rules of going to a dinner party: 1. never show up early, and 2. always bring a gift. Woah, woah, buddy… you’re starting to look a little panicked. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll even wrap your favor for you.


We love guestbooks… but why stop at weddings? Free Period Press has teamed up with Erin Guido to create Come Over All The Time: A Creative Guest Book. This activity book is full of creative prompts to capture fun times with fun people. It's going to look so perfect in your living room, guest room, or Airbnb! Get your guests doodling and before you know it you’ve got a complete work of art!


Dinner and drinks will be even more fun with these Dittohouse rowdy lil' coasters talking your ears off!  Laser cut from 100% merino wool, each face is a little different and full of personality. Each coaster is nearly 4", and 4 coasters come in set. Take that, water stains!


If not now, then when? That’s the question you should be asking yourself about investing in some Prather Team record ledges & album stands. They’re just the best thing for your upcoming holiday parties. Imagine spinning your favorite holiday LPs, all the while their album covers sit on display in a “now playing” situation above the turntable. Everyone’s dancing, having great time… and nobody has to shout “WHAT ALBUM IS THIS?!” at the top of their lungs, ruining the mood. Yeah, that’s a cool thought. Make it a reality.


What if the host doesn’t drink? When a bottle of wine or some bourbon wouldn’t be welcome, we recommend plants! Yep, that’s right… plants. It’s like a bouquet but better because it’s not dead yet! The best is when the plant comes with it’s own home. Enter Gina DeSantis’ ceramic and macrame hanging planters! A sturdy brass ring at the top makes this beauty indoor and outdoor decor… no need to worry about whether or not you’ll match the party-thrower’s sofa.


Domenic Fiorello Studio’s cast concrete candle holders literally light up a room. Set the mood of the moment with bold, beautiful, colorful, and exceptionally crafted tea light and candlestick holders. These heavy, weighted vessels feature an American Ash wood grain detail that adds a softness to the otherwise cold concrete material. A modern pop of color makes these candle holders fun to mix and match in any contemporary home. Buy them as a set or individually!

“Oh. My. God. I need that.”
We’ve got you covered. Come visit us at our Lakewood location!

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